About Us

Our Mission

Generate positive and sustainable changes in the behaviour of people who interact with natural ecosystems, acting as managers, facilitators and articulators of initiatives for their conservation and restoration.

Our Vision

To be a leading organization in conservation in Chile, acting as promoters, facilitators and articulators of initiatives focused on generating a permanent change in people’s behavior and, through this, contribute to a country where nature thrives intertwined with a society that understands it, values it and is sustained by it

We are a transdisciplinary team of young professionals, committed to Chile and its nature. To us conservation doesn’t mean pushing people away from nature, but an opportunity to establish sustainable bonds.


Ernesto Cobo

Philip Kreis

Raffaele Di Biase

Pelayo Herrera

Isabel Bosch


Verónica Irarrázabal

Executive Director
Political Scientist and Social Worker PUC. MSc in Environmental Governance at the University of Manchester. Diploma in Mediation and Conflict Resolution from the Alberto Hurtado University. 

Fernando Ortúzar

Interim Executive Director
Tourism Engineer

David Poulos
Director of Finance Business Engineer, Master in Management Science, Adolfo Ibañez University

Francisca Bustos
Director of Communications and Alliances
Journalist specialized in Digital Edition and Strategic Communication, Diego Portales University. Diploma in Digital Communication from the University of Chile

Sergio Pezoa
Director of Socio-environmental Education
Psychologist Universidad Diego Portales, Master in Theory and Gestalt Therapy Universidad Mayor, specialization in Holistic Education in Nature.

Magdalena Huerta

Director of Ecological Conservation and Restoration
Bachelor’s Degree in Geography University of Chile, Master’s Degree in Applied Ecology Austral University of Chile, Diploma in Education for Sustainable Development University of Santiago Chile

Andrés Vera

Restoration and Conservation Professional
Bachelor of Conservation of Natural Resources, UACh


Andrés Riveros
Architect, UDD, and Master in Wilderness Areas and Nature Conservation, UCh

Jason Angress
B.A. Psychology, University of Southern California

Carolina Escobar
Sociocultural Manager and Facilitator, Community Animator and Citizen Culture Consultant.

Help us preserve our most important legacy: The Nature