City of Wetlands

Baquedano Wetland Park

The Baquedano Wetland Park, the first GIP project to be implemented, is a joint project with the Municipality of Llanquihue. It was financed through a Regional Fund for Local Initiatives in 2017. With an area of 9,506 m2, it represents a key piece in the improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitants living in the northern part of the city. At the same time, the project is located in the “Baquedano Wetland”, one of the wetlands subjected to the most severe pressures, and in the worst conservation state of the city´s hydrological system.

This wetland, of approximately 2,360 m2 of water, has undergone systematic filling around its edges, considerably impoverishing the presence of native vegetation, leaving it exposed to urban pressure, pollution and degradation. Being below the level of the perimeter streets, it has four rainwater inlets coming from the surrounding area and a water drain in the northern sector. The project consists of a system of walkways whose goal is to show the importance of this ecosystem for the city and the surrounding environment.