City of Wetlands

Healthy house, healthy life

Casa Sana, Vida Sana is a project carried out jointly with the Llanquihue Zonal Delegation of the College of Architects of Chile, and the San Sebastian University School of Architecture. The project corresponds to an InnovaChile prototype whose objective is the sustainability of homes based in the WAP model (Weatherization Assistance Program, of the US Department of Energy), through a comprehensive intervention that includes a social diagnosis and cutting-edge technology that measures the energy efficiency of the home, with the objective of performing cost-efficient interventions that impact health, safety, energy cost and thermal comfort, and contribute to air decontamination.

In its first stage, 20 households of the Las Américas de Llanquihue population were preselected based on technical and social variables, together with the Board of Neighbors.

Visits were made to homes where Legado Chile was in charge of the social diagnosis of housing, after studying the WAP model and methodological adjustment of the project.

The project contemplates that 3 households receive the constructive interventions indicated by the diagnosis during December 2019. The selection was based on the systematization and analysis of the data obtained in the study of the total households, and corresponds to the 3 households with more general damage.

In parallel, workshops were held with representatives of the Llanquihue community with the aim of raising inputs to develop a behavioral diagnosis of the community about energy efficiency practices in their homes; and jointly co-create the delivery of specific tools that contribute to the reduction of energy consumption in their homes, generating a better quality of life, and at the same time, reducing air pollution.