City of Wetlands

Conservation program Lontra Provocax, Huillín

We started the conservation program for Huillín, an endemic species of Chilean Patagonia and a small portion of Argentina that lives in rivers and lakes, including the Maullín River (Llanquihue) and which is now in danger of extinction (CITES 2018, IUCN 2018). The project consists in the first instance of a study period in which it is sought to determine the current distribution and abundance of this otter in the Maullín River. The above will be done through field surveys and other tools. In addition, their conservation, genetic and health threats will be identified. On the other hand, the perception of the community and local schools on the species will be studied and then create environmental education and awareness strategies.

As part of the “Huillín Project” initiative, we are working, with the Andrés Bello University and Indaga, on the production of the documentary “Lontra provocax: in the footsteps of the river cat” 

This audiovisual production will be launched in the second half of this year, and aims to disseminate the results of an investigation we are conducting on the conservation status of the huillín (Lontra provocax) in the Maullín River.

The huillín, endemic otter that inhabits the rivers of southern Chile and Argentina, is in danger of extinction, and its population is estimated between 500 to 800 individuals.