City of Wetlands

Llanquihue Environmental Education

School monitoring of aquatic ecosystems

The main objective of the Llanquihue Wetland Monitoring Program is to assess the environmental quality conditions in which the urban wetlands of Llanquihue are found, namely El Loto, Baquedano and Las Ranas Wetlands through monitoring carried out by students from the area.

This program seeks to assess the current status of the Llanquihue urban wetlands, through monthly monitoring of water, flora and fauna. Samples will be taken and physical-chemical analysis (pH, Temperature, Transparency, Color and Dissolved Oxygen) will be analyzed. Also, samples of the micro-invertebrates present in the Llanquihue wetlands will be classified and compiled by students. Following the field activity, the samples will be analyzed in the lab or classroom. The resulting data will be compiled in a table, recorded and compared in each of the sessions.

School Environmental Committee

The main objective of the following teaching unit is to provide schools with the necessary knowledge about environmental issues, through the creation of an Environmental Committee whose target is to raise environmental awareness among teachers, administrators, students and parents ensuring an adequate care and protection of the environment. This will be done through transferring to schools a set of strategies and soft skills designed to help raising citizens´awareness and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle. The specific objectives are: To foster team work, to establish a good communication network among environmental actors and to promote sound environmental education strategies. Why? Because Legado Chile´s mission is to become a leading agent of change for the community and schools by providing citizens with adequate projects and programs and by giving schools the necessary support to become agents of change.