We are a transdisciplinary team of young professionals, committed to Chile and its nature. For us, conservation does not involve separating people from nature: on the contrary, it is an opportunity to establish sustainable links between the community and nature. 

Board of Directors

Ernesto Cobo

Agricultural Engineer PUC with a minor in Environmental Management

Philip Kreis

Electrical Industrial Engineer PUC

Raffaele Di Biase

Bachelor of Philosophy and Interpretive Guide Naturalist specialized in ornithology, Founder of BirdsChile

Benjamín Langdon

Psychologist specialized in Urban Planning and Management

Amaya García

Journalist, certified in territorial economic development, Ontological Coach and master in strategic communication

Pelayo Herrera

Industrial Civil Engineer, PUC

Isabel Bosch

Industrial Civil Engineer, specialized in finance

Equipo Ejecutivo

Francisca Schwarzhaupt

General Manager
Commercial Engineer, with a Master´s degree in Human Resources and Organizational Development

Pilar Silva

General Manager Subrogant
Commercial Engineer PUC

Tomás Gárate

Head of Programs
Architect and Master in Landscape Architecture EARQ PUC

Andrés Riveros

Land Planning Manager
Architect and Master in Wilderness Areas and Nature Conservation

María Catalina Muñoz

Communications and Marketing Manager
Architect, UDD University

Jan Reichel Werner

Finance Manager
Commercial Engineer with a minor in Administration, University of Chile

Adrián Fernández 

Project Design Manager
Geographer, PUC

Jason Angress

Environmental Education Manager
B.A. Psychology in University of Southern California

Inao Vásquez

Conservation Project Manager
Natural Resources Engineer Universidad de Chile, Master of Science Universidad Austral de Chile


Daniel Opazo

Collaborator in Environmental Education projects

Javiera König

Collaborator in Cultural Appropriation Projects

Stefano Schiappacasse

Collaborator in Finance

Work with us
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