City of Wetlands

Second Forum For Sustainability

Once again the city of Llanquihue became the meeting place in which fruitful discussions were carried out around Los Lagos region sustainable development. Five different activities dealing with various topics and for different audiences were attended by over 800 people on the 7, 8 and 9 of November.

The first activity, the 3rd Seminar organized by the Llanquihue Wetlands Provincial Table “MAULLIN RIVER, AN OPPORTUNITY FOR INTEGRATED RIVER BASIN MANAGEMENT” brought together renowned experts, local governments, public services and the community. About 100 people attended the event whose primary goal was to promote a comprehensive approach to the conservation of the Maullín river basin.

One of the activities carried out during the “Sustainable Watersheds Forum” was the Llanquihue 2050 Encounter, in which the Citizen Organization “La Rueda” (The Wheel) and Legado Foundation invited the entire community to share their dreams and ideas on how to lead their city and province towards long-term sustainable development. Over 25 neighbors, representatives of companies, students and workers took part in this activity, contributing with their ideas in a lively atmosphere with “batucadas” and round tables: Education, Sustainable Tourism, National Heritage and Environment.

Also, and for the first time a meeting about environmental education and related social impacts was held in Llanquihue, in order to encourage the implementation of educational innovation tools at the municipality and the región as a whole. The meeting, at the Inés Gallardo Alvarado school, was attended by more than 700 Elementary School children and 70 Middle School students. On that day, 30 stands displayed the results of school research, teaching resources for educational innovation and proposals addressing value asessment tools and conservation measures for the natural and cultural heritage of the area. Also, 10 interactive workshops were held to determine the best teaching resources to be used in the territory and tools for environmental management of schools. The event was attended by 15 schools from the region, 5 NGOs, 2 universities and regional representatives of the EXPLORA Project Los Lagos.

In addition, a cleaning day was carried out in which about 70 people took an active role, including heavy machinery operators, neighbors of Llanquihue, neighbors of Puerto Varas, Navy officers, 2nd Fire Company volunteers and workers from the Municipality of Llanquihue. The activity was organized by La Rueda and Legado Chile in order to rehabilitate an urban ecosystem in constant deterioration and in a situation of abandonment. This initiative was carried out thanks to a collaborative alliance between the outdoor clothing brand Patagonia and Banco Santander, which allowed the removal of 6 tons of garbage and the recycling of 120 kilograms of waste such as plastics, glass, cans and cardboard.