City of Wetlands

Tourism and Conservation in the city of Llanquihue

The tourist activity of Llanquihue has presented an important development in recent years, however it is still a diamond in the rough. The recent implementation of various public infrastructure projects and a set of initiatives for the conservation of the city’s wetland network have helped to strongly position this place as an important destination in the region.

Today, the community of Llanquihue is at a key moment to define what type of tourism it wants to favor and promote. Due to this, initiatives by Fundación Legado Chile arise to help the lack of regulation of the sector, increase subsistence alternatives in the local economy and empower the community towards its city.

The project “Tourism and Conservation in the city of Llanquihue” aims to train 10 tourism entrepreneurs in the city to enhance tourism as a tool for conservation and enhancement of biodiversity and natural heritage of Llanquihue.

The project included 5 training instances focused on market analysis workshops, good practices of sustainable tourism, associativity and appreciation of flora and fauna of the area together with experts in the area of sustainable tourism, communication, design and development of tourism material

The project culminated with a milestone open to the community where the final result of this project was invited: the first “Llanquihue Sustainable Tourism Guide” along with a short tour of Llanquihue through the project participants.

Meet our entrepreneurs

Rosa Santibañez

Tourist Entrepreneur- Viento y Agua Boutique Hotel

Esteban Valenzuela

Tourist Entrepreneur- Cahuil Adventure Expeditions

Daniela  Retamal

Tourist Entrepreneur – Tejidos Silvestre

Claudio   Werner

Tourist Entrepreneur- Camping Playa Werner

Héctor Perez

Tourist Entrepreneur-  Palmera Llanquihue Hostal House

Karina Moraga

Tourist Entrepreneur- Williche Newen Jewels and Mapuche Education

Johanna Jorquera

Tourist Entrepreneur- Private transport service

Juan Carlos Caro

Tourist Entrepreneur- Rural tourism Loncotoro Livin

Marcelo Bahamonde

Tourist Entrepreneur- Lake Llanquihue tours and excursions agency

Camila Vásquez

In charge of the municipal tourist information office