City of Wetlands

Llanquihue Wetland Restoration Plan

Natural Ecosystem Restoration Plan in the city of Llanquihue is a pilot initiative that seeks to initiate ecological restoration actions in 2 highly disturbed urban wetlands in the city (Baquedano Wetland and Los Helechos). This project seeks to involve neighbors, civil society organizations, local government and regional services, in an unprecedented restoration effort for the city of Llanquihue, through participatory actions of diagnosis, cleaning, soil improvement, reforestation and monitoring.

  • Community participation: it contemplates an agenda of community and neighborhood involvement around priority actions of nature conservation in Llanquihue: 4 days of education and awareness for neighborhood meetings, 4 days of community ecological restoration, 4 days of citizen monitoring of wetlands, 3 massive days of cleaning of conservation objects and 2 sessions of environmental education of the ecological state and threats of the huillín in schools of the city.

  • Ecological restoration: restore key ecological attributes of “Baquedano” and “Los Helechos” wetlands, through community days of soil improvement and reforestation of native herbaceous, shrub and tree species.

  • Cleaning and recycling: remove the garbage present in wetlands in the city of Llanquihue, and recycle recyclable household solid waste in certified Clean Points (cellulose, metals, plastics and glass).

On September 28 with the first day of community ecological restoration in the Los Helechos de Llanquihue wetland, which is part of the urban wetland network of the city of Llanquihue, and is severely degraded. The initial milestone brought together more than 70 people where more than 75 native plants were planted and collected more than 2.5 tons of garbage, in addition to recycling 74 kilos of glass, 4 kilos of aluminum cans and 5 kilos of Pet, the which were recycled along with Taller Verde Sur and taken to the clean point Recrea Puerto Varas.

On October 12, the second day of restoration of wetlands of Llanquihue took place. The activity carried out in the Baquedano Wetland Park brings together around 70 people, mostly neighbors of the wetland, members of communal organizations and collaborators of the Saesa company. The restoration saw a reforestation of more than 100 native plants, 42 kilos of garbage were collected and 4 kilos of glass, 3 kilos of aluminum cans and 2 kilos of Pet were recovered, which were recycled along with South Green Workshop and taken to the clean spot Recrea Puerto Varas.