Wildlife Explorers

The Wildlife Laboratories are educational visits to Protected Wildlife Areas (public or private) near and accessible to the beneficiary educational establishments.

In these experiences, children learn: 1) about the importance of these places and the value of
conserving them; 2) to recognize the local native flora and fauna; 3) to develop an identity with the natural heritage of their territories; 4) and about relevant concepts in ecology and biodiversity. From this perspective, parks and nature reserves present an ideal context for this kind of knowledge.

Within its educational proposal, the Wildlife Laboratories integrate environmental education, civic education and life skills development experiences. They also directly support the national educational curriculum by including Transversal- and Subject-Learning Objectives and some Personal and Social Development Indicators in the design of their activities.


The Wildlife Laboratories are a new project of Legado Chile Foundation, so there are no key indicators available to date.

However, we can indicate that this type of experience contributes to the development of skills and general wellbeing.

Help us preserve our most important legacy: The Nature