City of Wetlands

Training for Young Leaders Program

During this second semester 2019 we collaborate with América Solidaria, ECLAC and UNICEF, in the context of the Concausa, a project that seeks to publicize and disseminate proposals for social innovation that adolescents and young people in America are developing in their communities, appropriating the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations and its Sustainable Development Goals. From the above, we are developing a Training Program for Young Leaders of Latin America,

together with a series of experts on various topics associated with Climate Change. This program will allow the formation of Climate Ambassadors who will represent the youth of the continent in the COY and COP at the end of the year in our country. For three months, topics such as international institutions, cities, hydrological cycle, marine systems and biodiversity will be addressed, thanks to the collaboration of CR2, CAPES, UCH and NIVA Chile

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