Nature Facilitators Academy

The facilitators' academy was opened with the general objective of forming a team of professionals with the theoretical knowledge and methodological tools to implement socio-environmental education and/or conservation programs.

It is expected that the professionals who integrate the training academy will have solid knowledge to design and facilitate activities in the field of education or conservation.

Specific Objectives

To create a society that truly loves and reveres the natural world, we must offer its citizens life-changing experiences in nature.

      • To understand the theoretical and methodological underpinnings of nature education.
      • To learn basic elements so that participants can design programs that have nature as the protagonist of learning.
      • Generate knowledge and learning related to conservation strategies.
      • To know the characteristics of the evergreen forest


Application Requirements

We are looking for professionals who are inspired by nature in their lives:

    • Professionals linked to education or conservation, such as teachers, psychologists, geographers, biologists, agronomists, ecotourists, etc.
    • Availability to attend training sessions during working hours.
    • Certificate of inability in order to work with children.
The cost of this course is $85,000 + tax, *although for the first 5 registrants there will be a 40% discount.


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