Maullín River Portal Master Plan

The project seeks to recover the urban edge of the Maullín River as a natural space for ecological conservation, public use and care of the Nature Sanctuary through a process of active involvement of the territory’s stakeholders.
The Maullín River Portal Master Plan is an ambitious and unprecedented initiative in the Lake District. It is defined as a social process of understanding and appropriation of the landscape that precedes the Río Maullín Nature Sanctuary. It involves the articulation and collaboration of all actors in the public, private sectors as well as the community to co-create a responsible and respectful natural space along the urban stretch of the river.

Fundación Liquen, Kura Biotech and the Municipality of Llanquihue are collaborating in the initiative.


The future park will provide 20 hectares (50 acres) of green area and public space for the region, improving the living conditions of the nearly 14,000 inhabitants of Llanquihue. It will restore threatened ecosystems relevant to endangered species such as the Huillín (Lontra provocax) and contribute to the recovery of the ecological functions of biofiltration of pollutants from the Maullín River.

Help us preserve our most important legacy: The Nature