Environmental Sentinels

There are still many things in the world worth fighting for. Many beautiful things, many wonderful people fighting to reverse the damage caused, to help alleviate the suffering. And a lot of young people dedicated to making this world a better place. Everyone is 'conspiring' to inspire us and give us hope that it is not too late to change things.

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“Environmental Sentinels for the protection of the Maullín River” is a project that empowered the community to effectively protect the river by bringing them closer to its biodiversity, and by providing tools for the monitoring and citizen complaints of different threats.

The project, which began in 2023, focused on the territory from the source of the Maullín River to the confluence with the Negro River, near Las Quemas.

During 2023 and part of 2024, workshops were held on native flora and fauna, camera traps, water quality monitoring, among others, in collaboration with the Puerto Varas Community Environmental Committee and the Los Lagos University.

The project included the creation of a Citizen Environmental Complaints Protocol Manual, with the support of the “Crea Igualdad” Foundation, which aims to be a practical guide for citizens in the process of raising environmental alerts and complaints.

In addition, as part of the initiative, a documentary film was developed following the work of the Sentinels.

Who were involved

Financed by:Patagonia Inc.
Implemented by: Legado Chile Foundation
Co-implemented by: Los Lagos University
In collaboration with: Puerto Varas Community Environmental Committee, Guardian Huillín FPA project, NIVA-Chile Foundation, Crea Igualdad Foundation.


Documentary from "Environmental Sentinels for the protection of the Maullín River"

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